Visual Identity

ECV / Pop-up store 

Design of a pop-up store and its visual identity.
Obscura is a temporary installation allowing spectators to enjoy a unique sensory experience through a film sequence.
The pop-up store is shapped like a black box and is installed in 7 different locations around Paris.

The visual sign is inspired by the O-shape of Obscura, which is also the aspect of movie screens. This sign is flexible and we can change its orientation according to the support—either vertically or horizontally.


Babx, Cristal Automatique

Book Design


Cristal Automatique is an album composed with the texts of great modern and contemporary writers.
This project focuses on the temporality of each stanza by matching the verb to a timeline on the y-axis. Each word is then measured with a unit of time. The tone of the music is visible through the use of signs affixed to the words that composed it.
This way, the text mimics the melody of the songs. 

30 pages
16 × 23 cm
Printed in Munken

Pop-up store

Editorial Design


Design of the catalog cover of Pop-Up stores created by MA students at ECV.

21 × 29,7 cm

Death Later

Editorial Design


Book design for the writer Machabaïd.
The book is a compilation of poetry written from 2014 to 2016.

Soundtrack by Marc Lochner

58 pages
29,7 x 42 cm
soft cover—chromolux, metallic, silver
printed in 23 copies

Camila Leone
MA Typography student at ECV Paris